October 3, 2007


It is 6 months ago today, that my hero & one of my best friends passed away. -my mom
It has been a long six months as far as missing her; yet it seems like it was just yesterday. This is the best & most recent photo I could find of my mom with my girls. L-R Rachel, mom, Emily
This was at Thanksgiving last year. She was actually feeling pretty good at this time & we took a walk up to her mailbox to get her mail.
I still find it hard to believe she's gone. And knowing that she's in a better place with our Lord Jesus Christ, that her body has been restored & she's not suffering, not being poked & prodded day in & day out; makes it marginally better. But it doesn't take away the pain of missing her. She fought a brave fight against her illness, myelodysplastic syndromes. And if you didn't know her you wouldn't have even thought she was sick. To learn more about this terminal illness go to www.mds-foundation.org.
It is amazing looking back, the things I have learned from my mom. Look for these in a later post, probably mid-December if/when I do a birthday tribute to her.
For now, I'll just sign off- I miss you, mom.

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