October 13, 2007

Birthday shout outs & Red Sox

So today is a good friend's birthday. Sharon is from Oct to July older than me. We met when we worked together in Cincy. I thought she was pretty, but snobby* I'm being nice here I really thought she was a b---h! We ended up living together & becoming awesome friends. She's helped me through some difficult periods in my life & I think vice versa. We have often been envious of each other's lives. She was married & having children I wanted that. She envied the fact that I was single & able to pick up, move 12 hours away from all family I knew & go to Bible school & follow God's will for my life. Just goes to show you that what you think the other person has isn't always the best for your life. See commandment #10 Thou shalt not covet.....anything that is thy neighbor's. That would be Ex. 20:17.
Another thing about Sharon, her b-day is on the 13th. I've always liked the 13th & am not a superstitious person. This means that every 7 years she gets to have her b-day on Friday the 13th!
So Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope it was a great one! Hugs to you, girl.

Also another birthday shout out is our nephew Jaden- he's going to be 3 on Tu. the 16th. He's from Oct. to Mar. older than my girls, so it is nice that my girls have a cousin close to them in age. (I never did.) Can we please make these little people stop growing?!

Congrats to our friends Mike & Jen on the birth of their new daughter, Kendal Marie. She was born on Wed. the 10th after only 4 hours of labor. That is just not right, Jen! All of us mommy's who've had long labors are really envious. She is beautiful.
Makes me want to have another one.(at least for a few minutes- then I usually ask myself do I really want those sleepless nights back?)

So tonight is game 2 of the American League Championship series. The question on all Sox fans minds is have the Sox truly broken the "curse" & can they win another world series? I think they're on their way, but I've seen N.E. teams blow too many leads, or pull it out at the last minute. So as a Sox fan I always say it's never over till the fat lady sings. Stephen King said it well last night when the score was about 10 -3 in the 7th inning. The reporter asked him if he thought the Sox would win. He said "I've seen them blow other leads, so...."

We here just have 1 thing to say- GO RED SOX!!!!

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