October 8, 2007

false alarms, pregnancies & wonderful husbands

So, my friend, neighbor & landlord(all the same person, in case you couldn't tell!) is 9 months pregnant with baby #2. Her actual due date was Oct. 4th. Alas that day has come & gone & there is no baby as yet. Now most women would not be happy about being late, but would probably not stress about it. And just to clarify she isn't stressing about it either, however she is sooo done being pregnant. Not only that, she's a hairdresser & has exactly 8 weeks maternity leave. Her last day at work was 10/2 & she has to be back to work 12/3 & she's already booked solid that week (& probably most of the month of Dec.). Her 1st child was about 2 weeks late, so let's do the math- she only had about 6 weeks at home with a new born. As any mom can tell you, especially those who go back to work it isn't a fun thing to do. Not that you don't like your job, but you have this amazing, new wonderful little miracle in your life & now you have to entrust him to someone other than his own parents - even if it's family! So the long & short of it is she'd really like this baby to get here! To the point she decided to try castor oil. She said it was not all the horror stories you've heard & it did give her some contractions. Well, about 1:15am she calls me & says can you come sleep upstairs? The contractions are about 4 min. apart & after calling my dr. he said come in. Imagine every one's disappointment when she calls me a little after 3:30am & says they sent me home I'm only 3 cm dilated. :( So needless to say I got very little sleep last night.
Which is where the wonderful husband comes in. He didn't go to work today due to the holiday, & the rain(sprinkles) we had. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this especially after today! About 11am he tells me go lay down & take a nap. Gee twist my arm honey! I don't think I could hit the bed fast enough. He shut the bedroom door, took the phones away from me & said don't worry I'll entertain the girls. I got up almost 2 hrs. later feeling much more refreshed & almost my normal self. This is what I woke up to. He loaded, ran & unloaded the dishwasher. The girls were very quiet the 2 hours I was in the bedroom. Let me just paint that picture for you- we have a small 2 bedroom 5 rooms total apartment. They were sitting at the table eating mac & cheese w/hot dogs for lunch. Can you say WOW! Thanks honey- you made my day.

Now for the pregnancy part. People, people, people DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ask a 9 month, late, pregnant person "So how you doing?" This is just asking to get slapped. Okay, maybe that's a little strong, but let's just think about this. How the heck do you think she's doing???? Do you expect her to say "Great, I'm gonna go run a marathon tomorrow, since the baby isn't here yet!"??? I just know that when I was in those shoes I was ready to start cussing like a sailor.
Well, on those rants, I need to get to bed & catch up on the sleep I lost yesterday.

I just have one more thing to say before I close- Go Indians, beat the yucky Yankees!


erin said...

hey..you have a blog that i can read now too!

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Your husband is setting the bar pretty high for us mere mortal husbands. I'm gonna have to keep my Cindy from reading this post. :-) Sounds like you are a blessed wife with two beautiful girls and an awesome husband.