February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Anniversary

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been 6 years already. Most days it seems like just yesterday. A lot has happened in 6 years. We birthed twin daughters, my mom passed away, my husband lost his job, my 25 year old nephew passed away, and many other things in between, but these are just some of the major high lights. They aren't all negative, I've also had a new nephew & niece as well as a great nephew born. The things that have happened have made our relationship stronger.

"Made your relationship stronger?" you might ask. Yes. Has it always been easy? NOPE! But it has been worth it.

We met when we worked together at a big box store and he was my boss. There was always a chemistry there, but I was seeing someone else that I was engaged to at the time (thankfully that relationship ended before the marriage). Bill and I went our separate ways; he left the company, but our soon to be sister-in-law still worked there, so I was able to keep tabs on him. Two years later he asked me out to brunch, on Valentine's Day. I must have scared him off, because it took him several more months before we got back in touch with each other. That was in 2003, and by September 2003, I felt pretty confident this was the man God had chosen for me and we became engaged. We got married on Valentine's day, 2004.

The other day I went down to babysit for some friends of mine and the song Pina Colada/Escape by Rupert Holmes came on the radio on the way to their house. I grew up on this song, but this time, it made me think about my relationship. I think there are points in our lives where we all get a little bored. I mean let's face it, if every day is the same old mundane thing, chances are pretty good we would get bored. We've only been together 6 years, but some of my friends who've been together close to 20 years tell me variety is truly the spice of life. This song said something to me; is my marriage so boring that my spouse has even thought about stepping out on me? (just for the record, I don't think he has ) More importantly, what am I doing to keep up the spice in my marriage so this never happens? How well do I really know my spouse and his likes and dislikes?

So my love, I'm looking forward to growing old with you, learning more about your likes and dislikes and keeping things spicy.

Love, George

January 19, 2010

The vote heard around the world

An open letter to the new Senator of Massachusetts, Scott Brown

Dear Senator Brown,

You made history today. The Democrats can't take that from you. You campaigned well; honestly and avoiding negative campaign ads. You are the people's person. If I lived in MA, I would have voted for you. From what I saw and heard, you are the type who is really sincere, not afraid to roll up your sleeves, dig right in and get a little dirty. I know there were some die hard Democrats in MA who voted for you, not necessarily because they believe in you, but because they wanted to send Washington D.C. a message; maybe more specifically our President, Barack Obama. Listening to your victory speech, I hope you keep your word. You said it wasn't the Republican's seat or the Democrat's seat, but the people's seat. In one of the bluest states in this country, for one of the seats that was held for the longest time, the people of MA spoke their voices today and they elected you. Apparently Barney Frank said this was a "popularity contest." Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. I think your opponent made several major gaffes, one of which was not being able to spell the state she was running in.
I could wax philosophical or political all day, but I won't.
I'll simply say congratulations on your victory, and on a race well run. I will be praying that you continue to run that race well.

Sincerely, -Gail P.