September 29, 2007

Red Sox, my husband & 2 year olds growing up

So, I started this post yesterday & must've hit the back button, 'cuz I lost EVERYTHING! At that point I was just too tired to try to put it all back together again so I went to bed. (Good thing the king's men weren't too tired or humpty dumpty would've never made it!)

Last nite the hubby showed me how to add pix to my blog- look out!
So this is him & me after the Red Sox win against the A's Wednesday nite.
This was my first ever Red Sox game, at the legendary Fenway park. While I enjoyed myself, I did tell the hubby that we could've just as easily watched this game in the air conditioned comfort of our very own living room for a lot less money!(and sweat) Wednesday was a beautiful day, but it was a bit of the new england humid. I did learn something at the game though. The cardboard drink trays make excellent fans to fan yourself with. It didn't help that our seats were directly behind home plate underneath the overhang. What I'm trying to say is we had excellent seats, but air does not circulate under the overhang! This was a belated Father's day present for the hubby- he enjoyed it & I guess that's all that matters! (He hadn't been to a sox game since before we got married, so like 4 years or so.)

Wednesday was a bit crazy though, I got the call early in the am saying that I had tix available to me. Well the girls were officially 2 & 1/2 on Wed. & I had scheduled their Christmas pix for that morning. Can I just tell you how stinking cute & good they were for the pix?! Oh my goodness, I could've spent a small fortune on the pix. So by the time we got home, fed them lunch & packed everything up it was time to get on the road to head to the game- it was a 5pm game. Well, as we dropped the girls off at our friend's house I clocked the hubby in the head w/the hatch to the van. Obviously not on purpose. Thankfully he has a hard head so you can't even tell I hit him.

The girls are getting so big & grown up it just kills me. I told Emily to stop growing the other day- in typical 2 year old fashion she said "Okay, momma." She has no clue! I feel somewhat sorry for this child as she is such a mini me. It took her over 1/2 hour to eat 1/4 of a hamburger the other day + I had to bribe/threaten her with ice cream.
Aahhh, the joys of parent hood.

September 20, 2007

My Darling Husband & crappy starting days

So let's start with the crappy starting days. Literally. My daughters are potty trained during the day- well at least the pee part. They get diapers at naps & bedtime. Apparently they've figured out how to hold their poop until that time. Now if you've known me since my girls were born I am glad they are pooping on a daily basis. Both of my daughters have had constipation issues, pretty much since they were born. Well, now it seems we've gone to the other extreme. Not only are they pooping pretty much on a daily basis, they are blowing out their diapers. This is not fun for various reasons: a)it stinks! b)depending on the extent of the blowout I am now changing their sheets at least once a day c)also along with the sheets is of course either the outfit or pajamas. There was one day I had to change Emily's sheets twice. I've always been a huggies girl since they were first born(yes, I've tried just about every other brand out there), but thought maybe they were getting too big for the huggies so let's try pampers. No better. Well, maybe a tiny bit, but I think it is because the amount of poop has changed, not because I changed the diaper brand.
I am at a loss as to what to do. I must say I did feel a tiny bit better when I called my friend Dawn & we commiserated together. Her 16 mo. old son pooped on the floor, trampled it into the carpet, then onto the vacuum cleaner(he climbed on it) & in between the ridges of the accordion hose. By the time she managed to get a hold of him & put him in the bathtub with his 8 yr. old sister, well he pooped in the tub too. She got out faster than you could shake a stick at it & then he apparently trampled all of this into small bits while waiting for the tub to drain. Oh my! I guess I'll change poopy sheets any day of the week than have to clean up that mess. (Sorry, Dawn.)
The 8 year old sister- this child is the greatest! Not perfect, but a good kid! She is my mother's helper. My daughters worship her. I can use her name as bribery.(guess that isn't necessarily a good thing is it?)
My darling husband. God has been teaching me a lot of things about him- all good, mind you. Like yesterday, I was running wicked late trying to get dinner done. He wanted to ride the motorcycle over to his mom's to let the dog out. But after I asked him (hopefully)very nicely to please take the girls with him, he graciously gave up his ride, loaded the girls into the van & went to his mom's. (I made it up to him later!) There have been a couple blow out days where we've just had to stick the girls in the tub & wash them off that way. One day as I was doing that he changed the crib sheets for me. I didn't even have to ask him to, he just did it. This afternoon, he came home & offered to make dinner. Nothing spectacular, but let me see, he's going to the store to pick up any missing ingredients & then cook dinner. I don't care if I like it or not, I'll manage to choke it down if that's the case.
I'm learning that even though he doesn't do things exactly the way I do them, it's okay as long as it gets done. This is very hard for me to do as I can be very anal retentive about these types of things.
I'm realizing what a wonderful treasure God has given me in this man. Do we see eye to eye on everything? Heck no!!! But God has been teaching me a lot & I've realized that some of the times I thought the husband was wrong, I was the one that was wrong/acting like an __________(fill in the blank).
Thanks honey for loving me in spite of my faults & for forgiving me for acting like an _____.

September 6, 2007

Two two year olds and other random rantings

Two year olds. We've all been one once in our lifetime. I have identical twin girls, who for the most part are pretty well behaved children. But some days they just work my last nerve. I think it is in direct proportion to how much sleep or lack thereof that I got the previous night. Combined with the fact that they are simply 2 year olds. They are definitely into the independent stage. I do, I do, I do. I help??
They think they can appropriately dress themselves. Although with a little guidance they don't do bad. Usually if I tell them they have the shoe on the wrong foot they understand they need to switch it. They love to help mommy cook & clean up. Most days I have the patience for it, but every once in awhile I just want to get it done! Their latest thing is wiping the table with a sponge, or trying to sweep up a mess on the floor. Then they have to touch & get into everything they aren't suppose to, like the liquid soap in the bathroom. My husband doesn't understand why I put it on top of the vanity, up by the lights. Little hands can't reach it up there; then I don't have to worry about them slathering & spilling it everywhere.

Motorcycles. I love motorcycles. I've been riding since I was about 15 years old. So in 2001 I got my motorcycle license. But I didn't have a motorcycle until the fall of 2002 when my mother so kindly gave me her 400. I rode it that fall & the next spring until the registration expired in April '03, by then my now husband & I were spending time together so I didn't do anything about getting it registered. Fast forward since we've been married I've been after the husband to get his license & he said he wanted to. Even went so far as to ask me to sign him up for the safety course. We talked about it, but never got around to it; well finally this summer he did it & he is loving it! I am so happy. Now we just need to find another bike so we can go riding together.

Dinner tonite. We had steak, baked potato & corn. We really enjoyed it, but if my husband liked vegetables he'd be a vegetarian. Instead I call him a pastatarian. The man would eat pasta 7 days a week if I let him. I personally got burned out on pasta when I went to Bible college.

Please pray for the country of Haiti. Our church is in the process of helping them bring the Willow Creek(Bill Hybels)leadership summit to that country. It is a time for great change in this country & God has really been moving. If you want to see more of what I'm talking about check out the church's web site @, go to Sunday messages, scroll down to the end & you'll find a link to the beginnings of what we are trying to help accomplish in this impoverished nation.

Well enough rambling & ranting- I should go to bed so I get plenty of sleep for my yahoos. :)

September 3, 2007

A Birthday Tribute & other rantings

Today is my husband's birthday! He is 4 years younger than me, but a lot of people think he's older than me just because of his appearance. This is really irrelevant, because he acts like a kid- in a good way & I love him just the way he is! So Happy Birthday to my husband & may you have many, many more wonderful years & may they be filled with joy & happiness. May you also have a wonderful day today. :)
This has been a bit of a tough year for both of us. My mom passed away the beginning of April & then he lost his job the end of April. We've had a lot of adjustments to make, but the amazing part of it all is that God has been incredibly faithful. (Well, it isn't really so amazing, more just awesome.)
God has been teaching me what a wonderful gift I have in my husband, even though he doesn't always do things the way I would or do. So I guess I could say God has been teaching me alot of things also; like how to be a little bit less anal.
I've noticed that about myself lately- the older I get the more anal I get about things. Now, I am clearly not a germ-o-phobe, but there are certain times I really just don't want my children to get dirty; for no other reason than I just don't feel like dealing with that particular type of dirt. i.e. SAND!
Well enough ranting for now. Happy Birthday, my love!