September 6, 2007

Two two year olds and other random rantings

Two year olds. We've all been one once in our lifetime. I have identical twin girls, who for the most part are pretty well behaved children. But some days they just work my last nerve. I think it is in direct proportion to how much sleep or lack thereof that I got the previous night. Combined with the fact that they are simply 2 year olds. They are definitely into the independent stage. I do, I do, I do. I help??
They think they can appropriately dress themselves. Although with a little guidance they don't do bad. Usually if I tell them they have the shoe on the wrong foot they understand they need to switch it. They love to help mommy cook & clean up. Most days I have the patience for it, but every once in awhile I just want to get it done! Their latest thing is wiping the table with a sponge, or trying to sweep up a mess on the floor. Then they have to touch & get into everything they aren't suppose to, like the liquid soap in the bathroom. My husband doesn't understand why I put it on top of the vanity, up by the lights. Little hands can't reach it up there; then I don't have to worry about them slathering & spilling it everywhere.

Motorcycles. I love motorcycles. I've been riding since I was about 15 years old. So in 2001 I got my motorcycle license. But I didn't have a motorcycle until the fall of 2002 when my mother so kindly gave me her 400. I rode it that fall & the next spring until the registration expired in April '03, by then my now husband & I were spending time together so I didn't do anything about getting it registered. Fast forward since we've been married I've been after the husband to get his license & he said he wanted to. Even went so far as to ask me to sign him up for the safety course. We talked about it, but never got around to it; well finally this summer he did it & he is loving it! I am so happy. Now we just need to find another bike so we can go riding together.

Dinner tonite. We had steak, baked potato & corn. We really enjoyed it, but if my husband liked vegetables he'd be a vegetarian. Instead I call him a pastatarian. The man would eat pasta 7 days a week if I let him. I personally got burned out on pasta when I went to Bible college.

Please pray for the country of Haiti. Our church is in the process of helping them bring the Willow Creek(Bill Hybels)leadership summit to that country. It is a time for great change in this country & God has really been moving. If you want to see more of what I'm talking about check out the church's web site @, go to Sunday messages, scroll down to the end & you'll find a link to the beginnings of what we are trying to help accomplish in this impoverished nation.

Well enough rambling & ranting- I should go to bed so I get plenty of sleep for my yahoos. :)


Stacy said...

Hi Gail. Thanks for the info you posted on my blog about the coffee! I will definitely look into that! About Emma and the braids. She does sit still very well for that, and has from day one pretty much. I think I started braiding it when she was 2 1/2 or 3? I can't really remember for sure. I know she didn't have much hair to do anything with for quite awhile. I learned how to french braid hair when I played with my Barbies many moons ago. I had problems when it came to humans because I couldn't manipulate them between my feet, legs, etc. :-) It just took practice when I started with Emma. At first they weren't so good, but I have continued to try, and have just gotten better with time. I can now do an inside out french braid, that I learned from a hair book. Emma alot of times will come and ask me to braid her hair if I haven't already because she doesn't like it getting in her face. I enjoy your comments, and will have to check out your blog sometime when it isn't so late at night and I have to get up so early in the a.m.! :-)

Mode73 said...

Seee I am reading your blog! I am!
Good job! Love Shell