September 29, 2007

Red Sox, my husband & 2 year olds growing up

So, I started this post yesterday & must've hit the back button, 'cuz I lost EVERYTHING! At that point I was just too tired to try to put it all back together again so I went to bed. (Good thing the king's men weren't too tired or humpty dumpty would've never made it!)

Last nite the hubby showed me how to add pix to my blog- look out!
So this is him & me after the Red Sox win against the A's Wednesday nite.
This was my first ever Red Sox game, at the legendary Fenway park. While I enjoyed myself, I did tell the hubby that we could've just as easily watched this game in the air conditioned comfort of our very own living room for a lot less money!(and sweat) Wednesday was a beautiful day, but it was a bit of the new england humid. I did learn something at the game though. The cardboard drink trays make excellent fans to fan yourself with. It didn't help that our seats were directly behind home plate underneath the overhang. What I'm trying to say is we had excellent seats, but air does not circulate under the overhang! This was a belated Father's day present for the hubby- he enjoyed it & I guess that's all that matters! (He hadn't been to a sox game since before we got married, so like 4 years or so.)

Wednesday was a bit crazy though, I got the call early in the am saying that I had tix available to me. Well the girls were officially 2 & 1/2 on Wed. & I had scheduled their Christmas pix for that morning. Can I just tell you how stinking cute & good they were for the pix?! Oh my goodness, I could've spent a small fortune on the pix. So by the time we got home, fed them lunch & packed everything up it was time to get on the road to head to the game- it was a 5pm game. Well, as we dropped the girls off at our friend's house I clocked the hubby in the head w/the hatch to the van. Obviously not on purpose. Thankfully he has a hard head so you can't even tell I hit him.

The girls are getting so big & grown up it just kills me. I told Emily to stop growing the other day- in typical 2 year old fashion she said "Okay, momma." She has no clue! I feel somewhat sorry for this child as she is such a mini me. It took her over 1/2 hour to eat 1/4 of a hamburger the other day + I had to bribe/threaten her with ice cream.
Aahhh, the joys of parent hood.


Jen Dub-ya said...

You are a good sport to sit in any humidity and watch baseball, too! Thankfully, my Bubba (hubby) is a Yankees fan, so he can only go to games when he's traveling for work - meaning that I am not required to go. I love the Yanks, too, but I have this thing against sweat. Having lived in the South nearly all my life, I despise outdoor activities from March until October!

Alli ~Mrs Fussypants said...

Ah, Gail....You made my night! Thanks for your sweet comments! OK, maybe I am a bit hormonal, and I might have had an online temper-tantum for attention. ;) I'm not proud of my behavior! Hee, Hee...

I do have one thing to say...

Can't take the R.I. out of the girl!

Love & Blessings! Fussy

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Watching the Sox play at Fenway? It doesn't get much better than that this side of eternity! :-).