June 29, 2007

pet peeves & toilet training two 2 year olds

Let me first start this post by saying that the two topics are not related! In any way shape or form.
I have several pet peeves of which I'll go into more later, but one that seems to be happening to me quite frequently of late is highway on ramps. Let me explain, I completely understand the difference between yield & stop. And I do understand that if you have a yield that it means you must allow oncoming traffic to go ahead of you.
Well, here in N.E. there are many on ramps that DO NOT have a yield at the end of them. Now I realize that drivers ed. class was many, many years ago, but if my memory serves me correctly on ramps are to be used to accelerate & blend in with traffic. So having said this here is the pet peeve. For the love of all that is good PLEASE people, if you are on an on ramp that merges into traffic DO NOT STOP!!!! Keep driving & merge. Thank you. (I feel better already!)

So on to toilet training of 2 year olds. I love my daughters dearly, but it seems since we've been potty training that the bathroom has become a place to play. We've now been at this 3 weeks & they are doing awesome. Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Marsha, for helping me get started & figure out what I'm doing. But back to the potty training. I don't even have to ask them if they have to go potty anymore(well, I still do, just not every half hour). I don't think we've had an accident all week.(watch now we'll digress) They use the big potty, but since there are 2 of them I still have the baby potty in there as well. If any of you've ever been around twins, you know it is monkey see, monkey do. So most times they'll use the big potty consecutively & once in awhile they'll use the little potty. My oldest daughter has decided that she needs to use the step stool to get on to the baby potty. Yes, you read that right, so then she sits there with her feet propped up. It's pretty comical really. She's also taken to pulling off anything below the waist, which means we have to re-dress her. Not too bad, because she tries to do it herself, but the underwear usually doesn't end up the way it is suppose to; which can't be comfortable. So playing in the bathroom: they've figured out how to turn the light switch on & off, so we go potty to play with the lights; we like to wash our hands, okay, not a bad thing, but again we go potty to wash our hands. If they get on a roll(not the tp roll, either)it can take me almost a half hour to get them out of the bathroom. I repeat myself constantly...don't touch that, are you done? go potty, wipe, let your sister go.
So, if you've potty trained at all, I know you feel my pain- now just double it!
But wait it gets better, my daughters like to watch their daddy go to the bathroom. First of all this is a bit disconcerting to him to have two toddlers stand there watching him urinate. Well, the other day my youngest daughter decided she wanted to go potty like daddy. So she pulls her underwear down, sits on the potty for about 2 seconds, stands up on the step stool & turns around & faces the toilet. She then proceeds to grab herself as if she has the proper equipment to urinate like her father. After chuckling about it I had to explain to her that daddy stands, they sit! Ah, the joys of parenthood, wouldn't trade it for the world.

possible upcoming posts

So I let a lot of my friends know that I started a blog. I even solicited for ideas for my blog. So one of my friends writes back -the S-- word & chocolate & how it can be so good for you, yet so fattening. I need to think about these topics a bit more & see if I can't come up w/an appropriate post or 2.
One that I thought about doing is pet peeves of mine. We will see.

June 28, 2007

this thing called blogging? and welcome to my blog

Well, after not really being able to take time to sit down & figure this thing out until now; here is my next post. I have friends who are incredible at blogging. (at writing in general) I have some blogs that I've added to my own personal favorites that I really enjoy reading. Some of these people post every few days, some every few weeks & others well, it seems to be every few months. I'm not making any promises here, but I will say that I'll try to be consistent in posting.

To all my friends, I'd like to say welcome to my blog. I hope it will be as entertaining as some of the others I've read.
So having said that here is my 2nd post.

June 21, 2007

first blog

Well, here is my first official post. I don't claim to have good English; in fact I hate to write papers. But I love reading good blogs, so figured I'd try my hand at it.