October 24, 2007

the children & the Red Sox

Well, as I type this post it is a little after 11pm here in New England. Tonight is the 1st night of the world series & we are halfway through the 6th inning. The Sox are winning by a commanding lead of 13-1. Please note several things here. I did not say they have this game in the bag & have won, because any one who is a New England sports fan knows that the game is NEVER over until it's over. Unfortunately I've seen bigger leads blown. Let me also note that while IMOPO I believe that the Sox DO have this game in the bag; I do not want to gloat & say yeah! Sox are on their way to winning the world series. Again, I've seen N.E. teams doing really well & then it seems they relax their game face, let their defense down & next thing you know forget it they're going home without the trophy!

The 2 topics are not related tonight. Emily has been sick as I posted the other day. Let me just tell you it was a very sleepless night last night. Tonight it seems her fever broke & hopefully she's turned the corner & will be getting better quickly! However, I don't know if she had a nightmare or what tonite, but it took me a few minutes to get her calmed down. Then Rachel woke up & now they're both laying on the couch with daddy. (NOT SLEEPING I might add!) Ahhh, comes the chore of trying to get them back into their beds. Wish me luck!

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