November 11, 2007

getting older

I know it has been a little while since I posted. Life has been a bit crazy & I've been in a bit of a funk & not feeling much like posting. So I need to back track a little bit YEAH RED SOX!!!!! Nothing like sweeping the world series!

My husband & I usher at the Providence Performing Arts Center. It is a great way to see shows for free, Broadway & others. November 1st I had to work a show that was called Aussie Pink Floyd. They are a tribute band to Pink Floyd. Pretty good I might add, if you didn't know it wasn't Floyd & you didn't see them, only heard them you might think it was the real thing. Now let me say, I've never owned a Floyd album, but I have seen them in concert back in the late 80's. Excellent concert, I was completely sober.
Today I worked the Guy & Ralna show. Who are Guy & Ralna you may ask?? They sang on the Lawrence Welk show back in the late 60's & into the 70's. I remember on Sunday nights we'd get ready for bed, watch L. Welk & then Disney. Now I don't remember Guy & Ralna on the L. Welk show, but I remember watching the show. It wasn't my favorite show, but I certainly didn't hate it. (I've always liked music.)
So this afternoon working this show I realized I'm truly beginning to show my age. I enjoyed this show much more than the Pink Floyd tribute a week & a half ago.
Oh, there are other signs like my metabolism QUIT! somewhere around age 30. I couldn't even begin to tell you how old I was when I found my first gray hair.(yes it was that long ago!)In fact I have more gray hair than my mother had at 73. But this one just smacked me in the face.
Well, I guess we are all getting older every minute of every day, but I think today was one of those AHA moments.
God Bless.

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Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Ha... I used to say growing older was better than the alternative but as I get older, I'm not so sure. This old body is getting tired and seeing Jesus for eternity sometimes sounds like it would be an easier path. :-) But I know there is sooooo much to live for and God willing, I want to hang out in this old body for a while longer. I'm guessing the hug from my first grandchild will cause all the pain to melt away. Can't wait!!