October 23, 2007

children & life lessons

So my little ones are feeling a bit under the weather today. Hoarse voice, croupy cough, low grade fever, etc. Mom's not feeling great either, but completely different symptoms. But it is amazing how amid the confusion & sickness, God can teach you a life lesson. My oldest daughter (by 2 minutes)is fussing & whining at me all morning. If she wants something it's ah,ah,ah,uh,uh,uuuuhhhhh. I do not tolerate whining well. So I'm trying to get her to tell me what she wants or what is wrong. All I get is more whining & fussing. I'm like Lord, please just give me the strength, help me figure out what she wants. God just tells me(not audibly- just one of those thoughts that pop in your head,)this is how you talk to me sometimes. You should be able to articulate what you want to me, yet all you do is fuss & whine at me. If you just tell me what you want, what the issue is, I can help you out. Gee thanks, God.
I don't know why my 2 year old throws temper tantrums- I NEVER DO!
Any one want to buy some swamp land in Florida?

Have a blessed day!

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