October 14, 2007

Red Sox - do they really stink???

I just need to vent here. My hubby is much more a Sox fan than he is a football fan. For this I'm eternally grateful. I am not a football widow or for that matter any kind of sports widow unless the Red Sox make it into the playoffs.

So last night was game #2 of the American League Championship series. Cleveland Indians vs Boston Red Sox. Indians draw first blood. This is okay because in game #1 they did as well & Sox ended up winning 10-3. The Sox do okay, get a few hits, get on top. Indians answer with a few of their own. So just over halfway through the game it is 6-5 Sox. Indians come back, score 1 more run & the game stays tied 6-6 going into the 9th inning. And the 10th inning, and the 11th inning. Then the Sox bring in one of their newer acquisitions to pitch, Eric Gagne. At this point it is 1 in the morning. Yes you read that right 1 am. And we are still watching baseball!!! (I think we must be "loco en cabeza. [for those of you who've never taken Spanish that is crazy in the head.]) We have to get up for church in 5-6 hours!!!! Well, at this point my husband says the Sox just lost(by putting Gagne in)I'm going to bed. YEP! He was right. Final score in case you don't watch sports & didn't catch it in the news(yeah, that would be those of you who could really care less about this post!)Indians 13- Sox 6.

I probably wouldn't have been so upset about the lack of sleep & staying up to watch the game if they'd at least won.
Sometimes the Red Sox really stink! (I don't have a poor sportsmanship attitude at ALL!)


p.s. The boys(cowboys that is) lost to New England. I am not having a good weekend here. NO, I am NOT a bandwagon fan when it comes to the boys. I've been a fan since the '80's- in fact I went to the Bengals-'Boys game in Cincinnati where Cincy was in their prime. Bengals beat them something like 50-3 I don't remember the exact score, just the fact that the 'Boys got their butt beat & it was ugly & it was freezing cold that night!


erin said...

haha..i tend to say pretty much when it means actually more...so when i say i pretty much love him..to me it really means i love him a whole whole lot. i dont know if it makes sense...but it is kinda like saying...."yeah you're not so bad..or i think you're ok," when you love someone...a cute understatement so to say. but dont worry i love him more than i can express:)

erin said...

no no..it didnt sound harsh at all. i was just trying to make sure i could explain myself and my erin lingo that i use at times:)