December 13, 2008

'Tis the season

My husband & I usher at Providence Performing Arts Center(PPAC). We have been doing this for 3 years now. It is good, because we get to see shows for free & on occasion have a night out on the town together, all for very little cost. (gas money if we have to pick up my mother-in-law, who doesn't drive) This weekend is the "annual" Nutcracker ballet. I had to work tonight & I passed out programs. The area of the theater we work in changes for each show if you want it to. I like working on the door, because you get to see everyone come in & their outfits; from blue jeans with holes in them & ratty, untied tennis shoes to very fancy outfits. Tonight an adorable almost 4 year old came through my door and I gave her a program, not because she can or can not read, but because maybe someday she'll want to put it in her scrapbook. Her name was Ella & she ever so politely said thank you with no prompting from mom or dad when I handed her the program. (I found out her name after the fact, as they left early.) But it just amazes me some of the outfits I see coming in there. Fussy's fight the frump would have a field day!
Sorry I didn't feel like doing the whole little link thing.
Time for bed.


Pegsy said...

Cute story! And what a neat job! I love the Nutcracker...maybe I'll take my kids next year.

Grammy said...

I've never seen the Nutcracker ballet live and I'd really love to. I managed a movie theater when my daughter Jen Wade was growing up, so we saw lots and lots of free movies. Free shows is a great perk. Thanks for reading my blog. I don't blog often because I'm on the road all the time. Now I'm enjoying reading your blog. Your girls are beautiful.

Amy said...

Ha! I am not on your blog visiting list either. Honestly I couldn't remember the name of it until now! The hot water was's nice to have the heat back now!

Sandy said...

Hey Gail, didn't know you had a blog! Howdy. Like the flowers. Ushering is a great idea. I have friends who usher at Trinity too.