December 6, 2008

Cute things your children say

Wednesday my girlfriend Dawn agreed to watch my girls, so Bill & I could go Christmas shopping. We stayed out way later than I planned, but part of that is we got such a late start on our day. Went to leave and couldn't locate the gift cards we had been given for Christmas shopping. They weren't lost, only temporarily misplaced; in fact they were right where I always put gift cards we have. Then when we finally got everyone in the van, it wouldn't start. Ended up having to jump it and got the battery replaced the next day. So, I had originally told Dawn we'd be there about 10:30 but it was closer to 11 by the time we made it.
I tell her to give the girls quiet time on the couch, if they fall asleep great, if not that's okay. Well, Rachel still getting over her laryngitis falls asleep for about 1/2 hour until she slumps over and Emily starts yelling at her to get out of her space. Great! Now Rachel is awake. Again, not the end of the world, but the nap would have been good for her.
So we're driving home after picking up the girls and I ask Emily about above story. She says she didn't wake her sister up, Rachel says she did and the did not, did too's start! I quickly stop this and say it isn't a big deal, but from the back seat I hear Rachel say, "But, God knows." It was kind of said under her breathe, but loud enough that I could hear it. OH MY GOODNESS! It was all I could do to not bust out laughing.


Stephanie said...

Hi Gail-- you're right it did say soda. I've corrected it. The original recipe called for that but last time I made it I left it out and liked it better. Sorry!!!

Pegsy said...

That is sooo funny! Sounds like something Sky would say! Glad to hear my kids are not the only ones fighting these days...:-)

About the Recipeasy "button." Karen e-mailed us the picture - did you ever get that? If not, get her to send it to you with instructions on how to add it to your blog. It's not hard. I would imagine that she's probably going to change it soon anyway, since fall is over. She's out of town right now, so you might not hear from her right away.

Amy said...

YOur blog is so pretty!

Pegsy said...

I don't really know how to answer your question about the chicken stew. It's been a really long time since I've had chicken and dumplings! It's a thinner broth and very much a "stew" rather than a "soup." Hope that helps!