February 13, 2008

still blogging????

Well, here it is a month & a half into the new year already. ??? (how did that happen?) For those out here who read my blog, so sorry for leaving you hanging on the Dec. 16th post. That was my mom's birthday & I had wanted to do a tribute post to her. However, the holidays were a tough time for me, as far as being depressed & missing her. I just couldn't get there. The actual holiday wasn't as bad as I thought it would be & now that we are passed that, my depression has been better.

So as far as interesting things to post on? Well, nothing more than the usual stuff in the life of a mom with 2 almost 3 year olds. Rachel has been completely out of diapers since Christmas; including at night also. Yay! Emily isn't quite there yet. She still gets a diaper at nighttime. I've never had a case of diapers last me this long!

God is amazing as always. If you are a parent I'm sure you've had him teach you a lesson or 2 through your child(ren). I think my most popular one is about listening/whining. When I talk to my children about this, he frequently has a way of reminding me how he tries to talk to me, or how I whine about many things. UGH!
Thanks, God!

So I've been hanging out at a new website/blog called Marriage hacks. They have a button to link to it, but I don't know how to attach any of that kind of stuff. (this is also why I have no blog roll.)

Hope you have a blessed day!


Jen Dub-ya said...

glad to hear from you Gail. it's a new year for fresh beginnings with a great God who makes all things new each day - that includes us!

Grandy said...

I found you through the Extraordinary wife's blog network, which is how I got here. Glad you're back!! :)

Jeff, Judith, Lauren, Emily, Daniel, Amy, and Joel said...

I was just on Emily Jennings blog and I saw your comment. I had never thought of ebaying my kids....that is so funny and much nicer than some other options I have thought of! I just might be using that one soon. HAHA

Tracey W. said...

Hi Gail,
Just read all your posts since the beginning of September. You're quite entertaining and I can totally relate to all the mom stuff. When I read your entries it makes me want to write my own. It's a great way to capture these precious years forever. Glad to hear about the progress with going diaperless. And I like hearing you praise your husband. We all should do more of that. I too keep growing in appreciation of my hubby, but I don't know if I tell him enough. As for your emotional state, I'm sorry you've been having a difficult time, but I hope the longer days and coming warm weather will help lift your spirits. I look forward to future entries from you!

Karen said...

Can you come to my house and potty train my almost 3 year old! I think he may still be in pull-ups when he's 12!
Thanks for the comment on my blog... any new recipes?

Peggy said...

I have seen your comments on some of my friends' blogs (Judith, Karen, Emily) and had a question about something. What is "fluff"? I've never heard that before in reference to food! Sounds good, though!

I read your latest post and I can understand the emotional struggles. I have been through an intensely difficult year and I struggle with depression and despair on a daily basis. Thanks for your honesty. I need to do that more often, cause I'm way too good at pretending.