August 6, 2007

Pet peeve #2

JAY WALKING. Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine, however it needs elaboration. Let me just start out saying that I have jaywalked in my life time, & yes, I'm sure I'll do it again. I think it is a respect issue. It really irritates me when people, especially teenagers think they can walk directly in front of traffic. Now I'm not just talking about there's a cross walk & you step out into it. Then you have every right to cross the street & I'd better be stopping for you. I'm talking about my light is green & I'm moving & you decide to cross the street the way the red light is going. I think this is absolutely rude & have already told my 2 year olds that if I ever catch them doing that they'll be in trouble.
For anyone who's ever been to NYC you've probably learned that jaywalking is quite acceptable. Again, I do agree when done properly. Don't just saunter across the street & certainly don't do it if you don't have enough time to cross before the vehicle coming down the road is on top of you.
Here in RI I've seen people who have a green light STOP to let some one cross against the flow of traffic. Why??? Last time I checked the traffic laws if I have a green light it is my turn to go & you need to wait for your green light!
When I stated that I thought it was a respect issue, I believe it is people who don't have any respect for others around them. The world is all about them.
Okay enough venting for now.

By the way did you know 2 year olds can have the best time just running back & forth, giggling? They never cease to amaze me!


Na said...

It's about time you started writing again, first you teach me what "blog" is and then you EXIT.
Good to hear from you. I especially enjoy your girl's stories. Yes, kids love to run back and forth, esp for an audience.
My niece was here last week with her 2 young boys and they cracked us up. They took 4 pieces of children's stuffed furniture and made a train out of them. Christopher was sitting in the caboose, Alex was holding Gabby in one of the middle cars and Madalyn was sitting like Queen Tut in the front wearing a pair of sunglasses and a Mickey Mouse hat. I looked at Lisa and she said to me: "They're taking her to Disney."


You know, there is an easy way to teach them not to do it again. Put your foot on the gas. :)