August 31, 2007

Blog addictions & other stuff

Well, a friend of mine recently posted she thinks she's a book-a-holic. I think I'm a blog-o-holic. I love to read other people's blogs. I can spend hours doing it. (and forsake the rest of my household) I don't think this is necessarily a good thing & must learn how to control it & not let it consume my life.
In fact I can think of a lot better things to be addicted to; the 1st one being Jesus Christ.
Speaking of this, I just started reading a book that looks to be promising. In fact I found it by reading another blog. Hmmm. Well, the book is titled "Jim & Casper go to church" & was written by Jim Henderson & Matt Casper. One a professing Christian, the other a professing atheist.
However, in being a blog-o-holic, I've found a group of people from S.C. who all know each other & are all Christians. They have some pretty interesting things to say. Especially this one. -he is a pastor & in reading his blog, I haven't found anything I disagree with as yet. He has some pretty good & right on stuff to say. You should check him out.
I also found a blog that had me about wetting myself. She is a mom to 6 children & quite an interesting writer. Her blog is
My husband has turned me into a Red Sox fan. Although having previously lived in Cincinnati I was also a Reds fan. He gets aggravated with me when I slip & accidentally call the Red Sox, the Reds. I'm close, I don't understand why he gets his undies in such a bunch about this??? I would never confuse the Patriots with say the Dallas Cowboys. Or for that matter any other team.(in case you couldn't tell I'm a Cowboys fan.)
Well, enough ramblings for now, I need to go clean up the house & get to bed.

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Jen said...

glad you've found some interesting reads in the SC circle of blogs! thanks for your comments and congrats and all. i'll have to add you to my regular reads...