July 6, 2007

the continued saga of potty training......

Let me back up a bit before we get to the potty training part of this post. As many of my friends know somewhere about a year our girls decided to start undressing themselves at bedtime. After a few minor accidents of naked babies & wet cribs & then talking to other moms; we quickly remedied this situation by safety pinning their pajamas. It even got to the point where they thought the pin was part of the outfit. If we didn't put it on, they'd quickly remind us by saying, "pin, pin, PIN, PIN." (crescendo here)- & unfortunately our daughters have their mother's high pitched voice. (Now I know why my grandfather used to turn his hearing aid off/down all the time when I was around.)
So, fast forward to the potty training, our girls have been able to undress themselves for awhile now. This is a good thing when getting them ready for bed or to potty train. Not a good thing if your child is prone to taking clothes off in the middle of anywhere! Fortunately, so far our girls are "relatively" modest.
We are now in week 4 of training & we've only had 1 accident in the last 2 weeks. To me that is pretty good, especially since I'm training 2 of them. But they do still wear diapers for naps & bedtime.
The last 2 days 1 of the girls has pooped in her diaper & then promptly pulled it off & made a mess in her crib. Fortunately she doesn't seem to be artistic & is not smearing it everywhere. However, it is frustrating as I still have to change the sheets & clean her up. I usually find out about this mess as the other one starts screaming something about a mess or poop! Thank goodness they are still young enough to bag each other!
Ahhh, the joys of potty training & parenting.

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