October 26, 2008

Fall, pumpkins & growing children

Our junior high youth group was suppose to go to a corn maze yesterday evening, but a storm came in; wind & rain. So word of mouth told me it got canceled. Well, yesterday morning it was still nice. Some friends of ours were on their way to above said corn maze, last weekend I believe, when they came across a different farm that had a lot of free stuff, geared towards all ages. With no direction or clue of where we were going, my husband, the girls and I set out to find this place. The only thing we knew was what city it was in. Now I realize being the smallest state in the union you'd think we'd be able to find this place, but no such luck. So we took back roads home and came across my favorite pick your own fruit farm. We decided to stop and get some pumpkins and see if they were still picking apples. To our pleasant surprise, the pumpkins were out in the field so we took a little walk and found two little pumpkins and one larger one that we could carve.
These are my 2 little beauties with their little pumpkins. Rachel is in the pink and Emily is in the blue.

They were also still picking apples, so we picked about a dozen or so. They were very yummy! We let the girls color the two little ones and help carve the big one. Then Dad decided to let them roast the pumpkin seeds. Pictures of the finished product will have to come later.
Hope you are having a great Fall.


Pegsy said...

That is such a cute picture - can't wait to see the other ones! I think I'm going to try carving pumpkins with the kids for the first time ever! Can you believe that? I also want to roast the seeds... How did yours turn out? I love pumpkin anything, so fall is my favourite season of the year - except that it means winter is coming... Did you see my recipe for Pumpkin Bread on Recipeasy?

GE is me said...

@ Peggy- the pumpkin seeds turned out great. Bill actually did it, so I'll have to get the recipe from him. I did see your recipe for pumpkin bread, however, my husband does not like pumpkin flavored things. So, so much for that recipe. :)
As far as carving- your children should easily be old enough.