May 12, 2008

comedy of horrors

So, yesterday was awesome. Except, we went out to dinner & since I handle all the finances, I usually pay when we go out to restaurants. Last night I didn't, I let the husband pay. So what? You say, well, because of that I didn't get my purse off the back of the chair & walked out without it. I did NOT even realize this until I got up this am. Looked around the house, in the van & realized where it was. Surprisingly I did not go into panic mode. No big deal you say, call the restaurant & go get it. Right. Except on Mondays, I have 2 additional children for a total of 4 children all 3 or under. Oh, & might I add, when I contacted the restaurant, they are closed on Mon. & the owner/manager is only there for about 1 -1 1/2 hrs. to order food? So I need to go upstairs to get 1 car seat & open the garage to get the other car seat. As we are coming back down stairs Emily slips & takes a tumble down the stairs. You know how you lay sideways on a hill & roll down it? She looked kind of like that. I think it scared me more than her, but I called the ped, just in case. They said to keep an eye on her & watch for any unusual behaviors, vomiting, etc. So I get everyone loaded up, & off we go; I get my purse, check to make sure all contents are there, which they are, & off we go again. Only this time putting girls in the van, some one started playing with buttons. I throw my keys on the front seat & next thing I know I hear ALL the doors locking. GREAT, because now all the girls are strapped in & I'm on the outside & none of them can reach the lock on the door. Ok, most of the girls, Rachel was about half way buckled in. So again keeping my calm I get Rachel to squirm out of her seat & unlock the door. THANK GOODNESS! Who knows how long I'd have been sitting there if I hadn't got her to do that. We finally made it home without any further mishaps. WHEW!



Bill said...

I am so proud of you that you didn't lose your composure through all life had to throw at you today. Some days are just that way.

The Domestic Goddess said...

Honest, you stay at home moms, just what do you do all day?!?

Jen said...

bailey has been locked in the car 2 different times in his 3 years of life. the first time i panicked and LT and i didn't speak for quite a few miles down the road. the 2nd time he locked himself in my stepdad's truck with the key remote in hand. it took us a while to get him to push the right button, but finally he did. i laugh about that one often! it is a very helpless feeling.

JMom said...

I had to stop by:
a- to thank you for your sweet encouraging comments over at my place. You are a true exhorter.
b- to tell you that your blog name cracks me up
c- to tell you if you ever feel like you are falling short, come hang with me for, oh, 10 minutes and you will see I blog so much because I have SO FAR to go...
d- tell you to have a great day!
So glad your story had a happy ending!

Jody and Emily Jennings said...

We are going camping this weekend and we are SO excited. This will be the first time with 3 kids, but I'm not worried...maybe I should be!

I took flylady off b/c I wasn't using it so much. It seems to be repeat info a lot. BUt I surely will put it back on if you are requesting!

Have a great day.

Jen Dub-ya said...

Happy Memorial Day, Gail!

JMom said...

Hey there! Just saw your comment about leader of the day...this post should
explain it. :-)