April 11, 2008

blogging & music

I enjoy blogging, but am not a good writer. I don't feel that I'm witty & humorous like some of the blogs I read, and my use of the written English language is okay at best. I hated writing papers in college & it was somewhat of my demise. I'm also not very computer literate. If you show me how to do things I can usually master it, but there are many things I'd like to do with my blog, that I just don't know how to do. (Thanks to Karen of snakes, snails & puppy dog tails for showing/telling me how to go about adding a blog roll. Which someday will be much longer, but it is time consuming to add.) So I guess I said the above to say if I was better I'd blog more.
So Karen had in her music likes "Go fish," since I don't listen to mainstream music any more I didn't really know who/what they were. Well, let me just tell you who they are. They are a group of guys who cater to children AND adults with their music. It is rawking music geared to toddlers on up, but has disclaimers on the cd "great music for Kids that won't drive parents BONKERS!" They aren't kidding. This is Christian music; talking about all of the books of the bible, the ten commandments & their version of Jesus loves me is great! Apparently they were featured on Focus on the Family. I look forward to catching a lot more of these guys.
Today was absolutely beautiful here- thank you Jesus! I took the girls outside to play & run around. We had a good time. Have you ever listened to a three year olds' vocabulary? THEY CRACK ME UP!!! One of them said something to the other about "Actually we have to do this or that..." REALLY? Oh my goodness. I think it is because they are repeating their mother! One of them told my husband the other day, "Just a minute, I'm in the process of doing something." I say this to them all the time when they want me to drop whatever project I happen to be in the middle of so I can wait on them. Or they expect me to be their personal slave; get this, get that. So I'll ask them, "What, are your legs/arms broken?" My oldest has taken to fussing at me when I don't get whatever for her & telling me, "Yes you do, because my legs are broken." It is really hard not to laugh in her face.
I had some other things I wanted to say, but due to the hour I think they've ran out of my mind.


Jen said...

i tagged you! see my blog for details.

Karen said...

I'm probably not the best one to give nap advice since my kiddos go to bed at 9pm every night. They usually get up around 8:30, but when Hayden naps its been 7:30am.
Carter was tricky like your girls with his naps too.
I would try two things...
1. Try to have nap time go NO Longer than 1 1/2 hours. When Hayden sleeps he could go for 3 hours if I let him. Carter I limited to an hour... he would get wild too.
2. RUN RUN RUN... Take them outside and make them run on days they do nap. This has helped Hayden. I'm finding now that it's warm and he's outside he's actually napping more often.

I think it's pretty much trial and error. Plus every kid is different.. Hayden is tricker too. Today he told me that HE DIDN'T NEED A NAP, but he was soooo whiny I MADE him lay down until he slept. BUT after playing outside ALL EVENING he went down very well!

4 Little Men & Twins said...

So glad you stopped by my blog. I'll have to read through yours. I didn't see any pictures. i am 'now' very interested in other moms of twins. How fun! :)

hope to hear from you again soon,