March 19, 2008

rants - some things are just not right!

So, I was out shopping tonite with my mommy's helper, Hannah. This young lady is almost 9 years old & my daughters absolutely adore her. We were looking at sunglasses for my girls' birthday. We walked through the Easter candy aisle & I saw something that just wasn't right. SUGAR FREE PEEPS! Yep, you read that right. SUGAR FREE! The things are pure sugar, how could they even taste good & be sugar free? Peeps are one of my absolute favorite treats. In fact, I love chocolate as much as the next female, along with caramel; so I was disappointed when I read on the web tonight that Cadbury's caramel eggs are the absolute worst, but peeps were one of the better things to eat. I think the best Easter candy to eat was jelly beans. I know weight watchers allows like 35 jelly belly jelly beans & it is only 1 point(I think, I know it is 3 or less.) I personally like peep bunnies the best. I need to dissect them when you eat them. So I eat the ears first, then the head, then the body. How do you like to eat your peeps?


Karen said...

SOOOO WHAT exactly would a sugar free peep be made of air and fluff? That has to taste bad! Then again I had some sugar free DOVE chocolate raspberry flavor... those things are amazing! Does it matter if you eat the WHOLE bag in one sitting? LOL

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Jelly Belly Beans are only 1 point!! I'm heading fo the grocery store right now. Happy Easter. Ceebrate our risen Lord!! :-)

Rick & Cindy Shideler said...

Jelly Bellys are only 1 point? I'm heading to the grocery right now if that's true. Happy Easter. Celebrate our risen Lord!! :-)